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More than ever, innovation is the engine of our economy.

But how do you turn brilliant ideas, brand new business models and groundbreaking inventions into real successes? They do not always fit into the existing activity, the current organisational structure does not offer sufficient flexibility and the risk is high.

VentureLink supports the entire process from initial idea to successful project. For companies, organisations and knowledge institutions with ideas and ambition. We draw on almost twenty years of experience in innovation, entrepreneurship and business development to provide targeted, tailor-made support.





We offer support on

Ventures & New Business Development

  • Ideation
  • Market exploration
  • Drafting Business Plans
  • Pilot rollouts and validation

Technology marketing

  • From technology to product
  • Prototyping
  • Market validation

Innovation and project financing

  • Drafting financial plans
  • Grant proposals
  • Loans
  • Private Equity