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Who we are

The driving force behind Venturelink is Peter Verboven.

He looks back on more than fifteen years of experience in innovation and business development. The common thread in all activities has always been the creation of new, often extensive and risky, projects that push the company in a new direction. The cocktail of technological innovation and successful marketing is always key. This has often been at the interface between the energy sector and the Internet of Things (IoT).

His achievements include the establishment of the Smart Grids Flanders business organisation and its subsequent successful transformation into the Flemish energy cluster 'Flux50'. It now has more than 120 members and manages a budget of more than ten million euros. He is also a co-founder of Condugo, a company that develops specialised software for energy management in industry and whose customers include the large pharmaceutical players.

Over the years, Peter has also set up dozens of large-scale European and national innovation projects around smart cities and smart grids - for network operators, large technology companies, cities and research institutes.

His strengths lie in bringing together very diverse people or organisations around a common vision - and making sure it gets turned into tangible results. The core of each project is therefore a cocktail of four elements

  • Promoting an ambitious vision
  • Bringing - and keeping - a good team together
  • Communication; with the market and with the client
  • Managing timing, objectives and resources



Some of the projects of Venturelink

  • Transformation of Smart Grids Flanders into Flux50, the energy cluster in Flanders.
  • Coordination of an innovative energy renovation project for historic buildings with six companies
  • Development and implementation of a toolkit to facilitate energy cooperation on industrial estates.
  • Development, installation and roll-out of innovative end-to-end energy management system for multi-site companies
  • Setting up a platform for collective neighbourhood renovation
  • Coaching a university spin-off with revolutionary sound technology



Be sure to contact us to discuss any questions or ideas. Venturelink likes to think along from the early stages of your idea or project.

Will we be joining forces soon?

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